Organic Hemp

The Organic Hemp range is specially formulate for stressed skin. BIO:VÉGANE has fallen into a new frenzy: BIO HEMP! This oil, which is extracted from seeds of hemp plants, has much to ofter and is particularly anti-infammatory and soothing –perfect for stressed-out skin! No need to worry: The only high you will experience from this skin care range is from so much beauty.

Organic Hemp

Cannabis Sativa (industrial hemp) is an ancient crop plant and plays a central and diverse role , for example, in the cultivation of hemp fbers for the production of textiles and paper. The seeds of this multi-tasking plant are the basis for hemp oil production. Hemp fans can stay calm: Hemp seeds contain only a trace amount of Tetrahydrocannbinol (THC). The ingredient that creates a „high“ is only found in the heart of the plant, and is not used for cosmetic purposes. The ORGANIC HEMP Range calms and balances stressed skin with the superfood extract organic hemp oil and other precious natural ingredients: Lead active ingredient

PS: Not only the combination of special organic ingredients calms and soothes stressed skin-also the delightful fragrance of the new ORGANIC HEMP Range relaxes you after the frst application.

Organic Hemp Products


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