The definition of anti-aging is to delay, stop or rebuild the aging process. Our bodies are made of cells, and aging occurs when there is cell death. As an infant, child and young adult, our body’s cells are strong, resilient and can make new cells. As the years advance, our body’s ability to generate new cells diminishes, cell death occurs, and the aging process ensues.

REVERSE the signs of aging

We cannot stop the aging process but we can slow it down!!!

What are anti-ageing injectables?

Stemcell iPRF
(Injectable Platelet Rich Fibrin)

Stemcell iPRF (Injectable Platelet Rich Fibrin) is similar to the widely known PRP but much more potent due to its different composition and as such is the next generation in anti-ageing treatments. Stemcell iPRF treatment in Oswestry utilizes your own plasma to rejuvenate, hydrate and bio-stimulate your skin to create a lasting glow and radiance.

Stemcell iPRF has 100 times the amount of circulating stem cells of whole blood and up to 20 times more than that of bone marrow. So, Stemcell iPRF captures these powerful regenerative components of your blood and can treat a multitude of issues with a simple injection. It is a fantastic treatment for many areas of the body such as the face for anti-ageing and scalp for hair thinning.

The Stemcell iPRF Difference

The Stemcell iPRF treatment uses your own blood plasma which contains the following crucial components:

Natural Alternative

Frequently Asked Questions

As we grow older, our skin will gradually lose its youthful appearance and start to show signs of aging. Intrinsic aging and extrinsic aging are terms that are used when discussing the skin’s aging process. The effects of intrinsic aging are caused by internal factors, while the effects of extrinsic aging are caused by external factors. Everyone will experience the effects of aging on their skin as they grow older, but how and when they manifest will depend on internal and external factors. Genetic factors, hormones, and metabolic reactions are responsible for intrinsic aging. Extrinsic aging is a result of external forces, such as ultra-violet radiation from sun exposure, lifestyle choices (e.g. alcohol or nicotine consumption), and air pollution.
As we grow older, we can expect our skin to undergo a number of normal and natural changes. Intrinsic and extrinsic factors will contribute to the age at which these changes begin and the extent of aging experienced. As our skin ages: • The effects of gravity and repetitive facial motions result in the formation of fine lines and wrinkles across the face. • Skin becomes looser as elastin and collagen production decrease. This also contributes to the formation of fine lines and wrinkles. • It becomes more transparent and delicate as the surface layer of the skin becomes thinner. As a result, broken capillaries and dark areas below the eyes become more apparent. • It becomes dryer and skin texture become rougher. This can cause the skin to lose its youthful glow.
While we cannot control genetic factors that contribute to aging skin, but it is proven that certain external factors will cause the skin to age more quickly. These include excessive sun exposure and/or inadequate use of sun protection, stress levels, smoking cigarettes, excessive alcohol consumption, poor nutrition, obesity, and environmental pollutants. Oxidation damage from sun exposure is considered to be the primary cause of external skin aging. It contributes to the loss of collagen and elastin, the appearance of dark spots on the skin, and the formation of fine lines and wrinkles.
You can slow down skin deterioration that occurs with age by supporting your body’s internal defence systems. However, you can slow the effects of aging on the skin and reverse signs of aging that have already occurred. The active ingredients in our product have been specifically chosen due to their proven anti-aging properties. In addition, we encourage our clients to include SPF protection into their daily skin routine to prevent any further UV damage, which accelerates wrinkles formation. Lifestyle modifications, such as stopping smoking or moderation of alcohol consumption, may also slow down the aging process.
Wrinkles are small lines, folds, or creases that appear on the skin and become more noticeable as we age. They typically first appear as fine lines, which may become deeper and more visible as time goes on. Wrinkles are a natural part of the aging process — all people will experience wrinkles on their skin eventually.
Wrinkles most commonly form on sun-exposed parts of the body such as the face, neck, chest, and hands. They also tend to develop in areas of the face that are subject to repetitive facial motions (for example, “smile lines” around the mouth and “frown lines” between the eyebrows).
The formation of wrinkles is influenced by a variety of factors. They appear as a part of the natural aging process, as collagen and elastin production slows within the skin. These substances are responsible for the skin’s firmness and elasticity. As they decrease, the skin is more likely to wrinkle. Wrinkles also occur due to the loss of skin volume that occurs with age. Your sleeping position and habitual facial motions also contribute to the formation of wrinkles. Sun damage and smoking cigarettes are known to accelerate the formation of wrinkles. People who spend a lot of time in the sun typically appear more wrinkled. Genetics may also contribute to the formation of wrinkles.

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