Omnilux Revive

Omnilux Revive™ encompasses a completely natural method of skin-rejuvenation using light-only methods. It uses the same natural processes the body uses to battle the effects of ageing as well as enhancing and extending the effects of skin care products.

Omnilux Revive

Previous clients of Omnilux Revive™ have experienced many different types of results;
There are different treatments available for different skin types so feel free to call us to discuss your requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

The light source used has been in use in hospital dermatology and oncology departments for over ten years for the treatment of non-melanoma skin cancer, with no repercussions, hazards or complications involved.
The Omnilux light is not an actual laser – it isn’t classed as a Class II device. The technology has a seal of approval by the regulatory authorities in the UK and many other countries.
The light does not create excessive heat so it does not produce harmful UVA, UVB or infrared radiation. You will, however, experience a lovely warm feeling from the light beam. If anything, the feeling is quite relaxing.
Seeing as the light is very gentle, the main area of concern is for those whose skin is prone to photosensitivity. It is against our policy to offer Omnilux to anyone with epilepsy or porphyria. It is also suggested to get permission from your doctor if you are currently pregnant. If you have any concerns, please contact us and we will discuss any potential problems.
We offer Omnilux Revive™ treatments as either a single “pick-me-up” photo-facial session or as a course of treatments. There are usually three treatments in a typical course spread over a week. We will then assess the response to your treatment. Only when we are both happy with the results will we continue any other treatment.
The first treatment takes 45 minutes including the initial consultation. Following this, each session will take approximately 30 minutes with 20 minutes of that being the light treatment.
Unlike laser therapy, there is no need for recovery time with Omnilux Revive™.
Many clients notice immediate effects with the treatment, however, every client is different. The first signs you will notice are a clearer, brighter and smoother complexion, sometimes after the first treatment. The result is mainly dependent on your skin type and current skin condition.
Again, this depends entirely on your individual skin conditions. When your course is completed, we suggest you pop back for a maintenance session every 4-6 weeks as this will prolong the end result.
This depends on the program you are interested in and how many sessions you require. Give us a call so we can discuss your personal needs.
The Omnilux products are offered as part of a salon facial. Considering the safety and purity of the light, it can be used with many other skin care products and cosmetic treatments.

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